Viking Splash Tours departs from Stephen’s Green North.  We have a bus stop and a dispatcher (member of staff) who loads tours and handles enquiries at this location.  He is equipped with an iPad which he uses to connect to our office and reservations system.

The Viking Splash Tour departs from St. Stephen’s Green North, outside of Starbucks.  Due to the Luas works taking place there is no bus stop at this location yet (sorry!) but we have a dispatcher on the ground during the day when tours are running.

Passengers with buggies:

There is limited space on board our vehicle to store buggies / strollers / prams.  At the rear of the vehicle (not under roof cover) there is a storage space approximately 2 feet in width where we can store buggies.  We ask that passengers travelling with a buggy ensure that it is collapsible and small enough to fit within this storage space i.e. an umbrella stroller.  If this space is in use or if your stroller / buggy cannot fit it is your responsibility to make alternative arrangements to stow for the duration of the tour.

Passengers with limited/restricted mobility and / or wheelchair users:

We do carry wheelchair users on the Viking Splash Tour, but these passengers must be seated on a bus seat and be mobile enough to be assisted up the six steps at the rear of the vehicle by a member of your group (see photograph HERE). The wheelchair must be collapsible and can be stored at the rear of the vehicle behind the back seats.  

Passengers with visual impairments:

Our tour is an immersive experience for willing passengers on board.  Each tour is narrated by a live-guide on board who will pick out the top attractions and locations on the tour route and regale those on board with a little history and humour.  For those passengers taking our tour who has a visual impairment, please inform the office in advance of your tour and your driver will be notified so that he can do his best to tailor the tour to suit.  Please note that our drivers cannot amend an entire tour on short notice but will alter his tour to suit the audience on board.

Passengers on the autism spectrum:

The Viking Splash Tour is an outdoor experience by land and water.  It can be loud, boisterous, highly engaging and exciting.  The driver-guide will encourage people on board to join in a viking roar by raising their arms, making a grim face and roaring when he counts to three.  The vehicle itself is windowless so is quite exposed to the elements and street traffic.  If you are (or are accompanying someone) on the autism spectrum and require additional assistance or time, please notify our office before making a reservation on +353 1 707 6000 or

Assistance dogs:

Viking Splash Tours welcome assistance dogs on our tours.  If you wish to bring an assistance dog on tour you must pre-book your place by phone (+353 1 707 6000) and a suitable tour time will be arranged.  A complimentary place will be issued for the dog for the comfort of all on board.

Pregnant passengers:

The Viking Splash Tour has been enjoyed safely and comfortably by women at all stages of pregnancy.  Our tour is likened to taking a bus journey – the bench seating can be a little uncomfortable for the tour duration and so we would advise any passengers who would have difficulty sitting for long periods of time to consider if remaining seated for the 1 hour 15 minute tour duration is possible for them.  There are no sudden bumps or gimmicks taken on tour – it is possible that the driver may have to brake suddenly on the road but this would only be as a direct response to a traffic situation and it would not happen on every tour.

Toilet facilities:

There are no toilet facilities at our departure point or throughout the tour.  Passengers wishing to use toilet facilities are advised to do so before arriving for the tour.  There are public toilets in St. Stephen’s Green Shopping Centre (top floor) and a number of restaurants and cafés in the vicinity of the departure point.


Eating and drinking is not permitted on board the Viking Splash Tours vehicles.  This is both for safety and cleaniness reasons.

Lifejackets / Buoyancy Aids

All passengers travelling on the water section of our tour are required to wear a lifejacket (or buoyancy aid).  We have a variety of sizes for the comfort and safety of all passengers.  Due to the variety of sizes available for children under 2, Viking Splash Tours cannot provide suitable buoyancy aids for children under the age of 2 and so do not permit children this age on the tour.

For children there are two types of lifejacket available when you arrive at the water entry point.  Depending on the size of the child either a yellow or orange aid will be offered.  Our safety crew at Grand Canal Basin are proficient in judging what would be best suited to your child but if  you are in doubt you can always request another size.  Please note that a lifejacket should be a tight fit but all buckles should be able to click into place securely:


Children’s Lifejacket – 71073 + 71074


Children’s Lifejacket – 71084


The lifejackets are a vest style jacket that slips on like a waistcoat.  There is a zip down the middle and a belt that wraps around the back and buckles at the front.  Both the zip and belt must be used during the entire water section of the tour.  There is a high collar on the jacket for comfort and safety and a whistle is attached but should only be used in the event of an emergency.

Our adult lifejacket is identical to the orange, children’s lifejacket above but is a larger size.  It is suitable for a chest size up to 130cm.


Adult Lifejacket – 71088

Viking Splash Tours does have a small supply of lifejackets that would suit a larger passenger if this is required.

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