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I started doing work experience today. I did  a few jobs by first of all doing a website clean-up by going through the websites to see what links are opening and which links that aren’t opening I took notes on which links that weren’t opening then I typed up the links that didn’t open into a Microsoft document.

Then I went onto the internet and looked up all the duck tours in the world and copied and pasted the links that looked cool into a Microsoft document and said why they were cool.

I was also online on the live chat helping the customers that were online asking questions.

I also started typing up my blog.


Today I looked up things to do in Dublin and I took note of the ones that looked interesting and I copied and pasted the links into a word document then I took out the best ten and wrote up about and got pictures of each attraction.

Then I did some of my project by logging into my email and seeing which companies replied back and filling into the excel which ones sold souvenirs and which ones didn’t.

Then I did up website page by putting up the top ten attractions from the word document and put in the links to the website with the pictures and headings.


Today I did more work on things to do in Dublin by adding in another three attractions.

I also did more work on my souvenir project, by going into my email to see if any of the duck tours replied back. I added in more gifts to the list of gifts I’m getting from online the gift stores. I went onto Tierney’s and Carroll’s to get some ideas. I got the price of each item and the link to each one.

Then I went onto souvenir suppliers and got idea from them and I copied the link and the price and converted the prices into euros.



Today I did more work on the website by updating the links that didn’t open up in new tabs and updated the page on the church.

I also did more work on my research project by emailing more duck companies to see if they sold any souvenirs. I also went onto a souvenir supplier Alibaba and got some ideas of them for souvenirs and I put them into a report.

I started typing up a report on my souvenir project by putting in pictures of souvenirs that I think are interesting and writing about what I’m doing exactly in my project.


Today I wrote up biographies for the drivers and gave them Viking names.

I also did more research on my project by checking the emails to see if any duck companies replied back. Five of the companies replied back but they don’t sell any souvenirs.

At the end of the day I did question and answer for language schools and I put in some pictures.



TodayI did filing on the computer by going into invoices and looking up tourist companies in the folder and putting them into folders and putting the invoices into each company’s folder.


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